"A passion for creating Handcrafted heirloom keepsakes to enjoy and then pass down from generation to generation."
Tracey Lee - Owner/Founder of Twine & Twigs

Tracey Lee

Welcome to Twine & Twigs!

All of my turnings are crafted by myself from start to finish in my studio in St. Johns, Florida.

I often get asked how I became interested in woodturning and when I got started. I have always had a desire to work with wood and create things. My grandfather had been a carpenter. I never really found the chance until after I retired and started to focus more on my bobbin lace making hobby. Tiny spindles, called bobbins are used to make my lace. I thought I could start making my bobbins and tools, so I bought my first lathe. I took a pen turning class and I was immediately addicted to woodturning.

Not only did I turn a few bobbins, but I also turned numerous pens, coffee scoops, bottle stoppers, things with handles, etc. My early turnings were given as gifts to family and friends. I started receiving requests for my turnings and decided to see if I could sell my items to help pay for more tools. It is a vortex! My garage soon morphed into a studio and I acquired more tools. Lately, I have been turning bowls and birdhouse ornaments and will soon also make them available for purchase.

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Wrigley is my best friend and companion. He is a six-year-old Cavapoo. He is equal parts Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

He ensures I take breaks throughout the day by insisting I play fetch with him.

He loves to relax by the pool and cool off on the first step while vigorously defending me from the pool cleaner.