Wood Pen Production By Tracey

Measuring Wood

I measure the pen blank (wood or acrylic) and cut to a size slightly longer than needed for the pen. Then I mark the centers for drilling.

Drilling wood

I use a drill press to drill the exact size hole needed for the brass tubes that are inserted into the pen barrel.

Inspecting wood block

After drilling the hole the pen blank is measured to the length of the tube plus 1/16” on each end to allow for squaring of the blank.

Trimming Wood

I cut the blank on a band saw before glueing in the brass tube. I then square off the ends with a barrel trimmer.

Setting up wood block in lathe

Setting up the drilled wood block in my lathe to begin hand shaping wood barrel sleeve.

Turning wood block in lathe

I mount the blank on the lathe and turn the blank round before shaping.

Turning pen on lathe

I then shape the piece and ensure the ends are of the correct diameter for the pen.


I hand-sand the piece while on the lathe.

Applying Aussie Oil

After sanding, I use the lathe to apply an appropriate finish.

Assembling pen

The final step is to assemble the pen parts using a press.

Completed pen

The finished product.

Completed pen next to dyed blue block of wood

This pen was made with a blue dyed maple and the components are chrome and gunmetal.